Interview with an Italian protester and participant in #Opitaly

so I did my best to translate this from italian. here it is…

Vanzetti: So what in your opinion are the motivations for the protests in Italy right now? Also what are your personal motivations if they differ?

Anon: Primarily our government seeks to reduce freedom of information and freedom of speech via censorship of sites like Youtube.

Vanzetti: Ok next question. So we’re talking over irc today, I was wondering how you found out about anonymous? Also what is the Italian impression of Anonymous?

Anon: I had heard talk on the news even though they gave wrong information about Anonymous. Searching online, I arrived at the official site of Anonymous where I learned what Anonymous was. I think in Italy they are not well known as a movement but I think that today’s attack had a lot of publicity.

Vanzetti: So we’ve seen recently seen the major role the internet can play in social struggles. In your opinion  how does a free internet play into social change?

Anon: The internet can put millions of people in contact at a great distance giving them the opportunity to exchange ideas, information and more. Protesting via the internet, this protest can expand beyond national borders for hours. The internet is the only form of free information that exists. One last thing, a personal reflection.  I think things should change radically, at this point the world runs too much on money and power. They raise generations with false goals that makes them slaves of the system.


~ by Vanzetti on February 6, 2011.

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