Status on #Protests in #Iran, #Algeria, #Italy, #Spain and the Corresponding #Anonymous Operations

so there’s a lot going on but I’ll try to get the essential stuff here as tersely as possible:


The Iranian “Green” Opposition STILL plans to go ahead with their demonstration today. This news comes after the gov’t has denied their application for a permit (big surprise there) along with arresting opposition leader Karroubi and other dissidents, and cutting off access to many sites in Iran. Also a unified co-ordination council has been formed of Iran’s opposition.

Anonymous (the online activist group) continues their #OpIran, or Operation Iran. As I write this their current target for the DDOS (distributed denial of service) sit-in is This phase DDOS began at 5am GMT. Along with DDOS members of Anonymous have started a sub-op, operation iran fax, which involves supporters sending black faxes and white faxes to certain fax machines inside Iran. Here are the instructions for the Op gleaned from the topic in channel #opiran on the IRC server.


The Algerian PRO-democracy opposition held their demonstration this weekend despite a massive police presence (30,000). The demonstration seems to be a massive success considering the nearly 20 year ban on ANY protests in algeria. Reading articles I’ve seen estimates for the turnout range from 1,500-10,000 people. The success here being people’s willingness to demonstrate (and even clash with police) despite an oppressive government, and despite this being the first large demo in Algeria in recent memory.

I feel safe in assuming the successes of Tunisia and Egypt have something to do with this… As far as Anonymous goes, #OpAlgeria is still swinging, with the target at the time of this post being (Pictures from algerian demos are not mine. all copyright and credit to AP and daniel lee who put together the gallery here)


The anti-Berlusconi opposition in Italy demonstrated yesterday drawing hundreds of thousands! of women to over 230 cities to call for better treatment of women in Italy as well as Berlusconi’s resignation. (This of course after Berlusconi’s new scandal involving him paying a 17 year old for sex). There is no current target for the #OpItaly DDOS but the channel is still active.

And another Anonymous op I havn’t had the chance to cover yet:

Spain and #OpGoya:

Dear Anonymous from around the World:

Once again, we at Anonymous Spain, are forced to ask for your help regarding a subject that affects us in Spain directly.

On January 16th, 2011, we asked for help from Anons around the world, to participate in a DDoS attack as a sign of protest against the “Synde Law”, which is intended to close any web page which they considered illegal without the need to go through a judge.

The Senate vote for this law was planned for the 23rd of February, 2011, but without any warning, the 8th of February (15th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the CyberSpace) it was announced that the “Sinde Law” would be voted the next day, the 9th of February, 2011, taking everyone by surprise and jeopardizing our capacity to react… The Goya Cinema Academy Awards will be celebrated on Sunday 13th in Spain. This Academy has clearly shown their support of this law, and we believe that it is itself entirely corrupted. In short, they are using public money in their own interest, diverting public subsidies, at the pleasure of an also corrupt Ministry of Culture.-

On February 13th hundreds of us will attend the Goya awards, and invade the red carpet as a sign of protest against the Sinde Law with our masks and suits.

A DDoS attack has also been scheduled against the Cinema Academy website. “~from #OpGoya press release

I”m going to refrain from writing too much since I plan on writing something more in depth , but here are the bullet points of the situation from what I can gather. Spain’s new “Ley Sinde” gives the government the power to take websites off the internet much like we’ve seen in other countries. In response, Anonymous began #OpGoya or Operation Goya.

This op seems to have two parts, a real life and a virtual component. The physical demonstration seems to already have happened at Spain’s Goya (film) awards.

And as I write, a DDOS on is in full swing in channel #hispano. More news and info as this story develops definitely.

And now for something completely different:

Operation Dogfight:

And to finish off, here’s an Anonymous op I feel like a lot of people can support. Operation Dogfight in short is the effort to find the asshole who tortured two dogs and fucking posted it online. more info @

That’s it for now, but surely this is not even the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

edit: Another Algerian demonstration has been called for the 19th

~ by Vanzetti on February 14, 2011.

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