Not done yet: #Egypt strikes and protests continue #jan25

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Egyptians want better wages, as well as freedom

NBC News’ Ron Allen has been in Cairo for the past three weeks covering the protests that lead to President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. He responded to questions about what was going on in Cairo Monday after the new reality of an Egypt without Mubarak settled in. 

What’s the mood there now a few days after the euphoria of Mubarak stepping down? Is there a feeling that the city is getting  back to normal? Back to reality?  
I think reality is settling back to Cairo. But a lot of workers are emboldened by what has happened over the past few weeks. Everywhere you go in Cairo there are strikes and protests in front of businesses and factories. There was a gathering of bus transportation workers striking near our office today.

The people who are striking now are basically working class people demanding a raise. Bus drivers in this country earn below the minimum wage. One analyst told me that 30 to 40 percent of public sector workers, people who work in government jobs, earn less than the minimum wage here. That’s why so many people are out demanding better treatment. People tell you that even when they work overtime, their boss doesn’t pay it and there is always some excuse why they can’t get their money. 



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