A Message from #Anonymous to #Egypt: Congratulations! #jan25 #opegypt

quoted directly from an anonymous press release

“Congratulations Egypt!
Sisters and Brothers of Egypt today is momentous. Today you write proud history. Today you lift our hearts and we will celebrate with you. Today, we, are all Egyptians.
We are happy to witness the fire of freedom being lit in Egypt. This is another great victory in the lengthy struggle against the oppressive regimes and dictatorships that have plagued humanity for centuries.
You have successfully embraced freedom and the right to determine your own destiny. We have been standing with you, following every minute of your struggle. You have rightfully comandeered a page in history. Your achievement is an example to be heralded throughout the ages. Future generations will thank you. Your peaceful protest never gave way to violence. You did not succumb to coercion or manipulation. You are truly proof positive that the will of the people is supreme.
As you demand your freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of information, and realise the transparency of your government, be vigilant, and protect the freedoms you have fought so hard to earn.
People of Egypt, you have endured the atrocities that have been ordered against you by The Mubarak Regime. You have eradicated all obstacles that have been placed in your path to halt the conquest for democracy and freedom. You overcame the fear that held you down for decades, and showed the world the power that people possess when they overlook their differences and unite under one cause.
Know that we support you. Know that you are not alone.
We whole-heartedly applaud those who spoke out in the face of adversity and refused to be silenced. We praise the courageous journalists, online organizers, and the citizen reporters who kept the world up-to-date. We will remember those who lost their lives and spilled their blood as they demanded their freedom.
A message to all who would deny the people their freedoms:
Dictators are falling like dominoes; the people will win. The people have shown once again that their voice cannot and will not be silenced. This movement is unstoppable. Anonymous, and the will of the people, will live on and continue to grow. Choose your next move carefully.
This battle has been won, but the fight for freedom goes on.
Yesterday Tunisia, today Egypt, tomorrow …?
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We love you.”

~ by Vanzetti on February 11, 2011.

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